I had to do this.

"Hello! I had some quick questions about your stickers. Are they vinyl? and are they die cut? Thanks!"

Hi, stickers are not vinyl but they are die cut. They’re normal stickers with a matte lamination. They’re really nice to the touch. :)

You can find them here under the drop down menu. You can also get them via the double or set by 3 listings and just indicate in the comments section which design you wish to purchase. Hope this was helpful!

The Sterek Sun & Moon design is a back to back printing and not two separate pouches, in case anyone’s wondering. :)

Hi guys! Pouches are finally available! You can check them out over here. It was a bit harder to figure out shipping costs for the smaller pouch so I made listings for single, double and set of 3 pouch purchases.

It’s a bit confusing, I know, but it’s the best way I can think of to avoid overcharging/undercharging you guys.

You can check pencil cases out over here.

Everything’s back on stock plus a few new items! New stickers can be found here while buttons can be found here.

Thanks for all the support! Couldn’t have made it here without you guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating much, been busy with a lot of things. I am participating in two art books so do watch out for that.


Please excuse the crappy pic I got too excited.




New to paypal? Here’s an easy step-by-step.

All commissions will be on 8.5 inches or vice versa. 300 dpi, RGB

You can contact me here and pay via Paypal or deposit in my bank account. I require a 50% down payment before beginning. If you’re not familiar with the term, it just means you have to pay me half of the price first before I start on your commission. This also allows you a slot

I will not draw porn/erotica. Potentially triggering material (rape, suicide, etc.) is to be discussed.

Hey kids! Straight to the point: my laptop is an old one with only 1GB RAM and I REALLY need a new one.

That means I can barely work (photoshop takes forever), and all my programs are outdated (I can’t use Skype to talk to clients, I cant use browsers to check my mail proper—I can’t do much unless I have a new laptop). Also the storm in Jul15 hit us bad, we haven’t had net since and we may have no net for another month.

So PLEASE commission me or buy from my RedBubble! (Link is in my blog, I can’t link here cause I’m on mobile). You can contact me at lysacervantes.work@gmail.com. If you can’t purchase, that’s cool! Reblog this as many times as possible instead :)

"Hey do you think you could hold off putting the buttons and stickers on your shop till the pouches come in? I want to buy all the things from your shop at once, but if you put some things up before the other I'll be kind of scared they will sell out. I 100% understand if you can't/wont do that. I just thought there wouldn't be any harm in asking! (: Thanks!"

Hi, hi! I was actually thinking of posting them all together but I thought some people just wanted buttons and/or stickers.

I can hold off putting the new items until they’re all complete but I will post some of the older items that have been restocked. I hope this is a good compromise. :)

Okay, so quick update, I’ll have the buttons/stickers up in the shop by the end of this week or the start of next week. Pouches have been delayed a bit so they’ll be up in the shop around next next week.

Times like these makes me wish I could just make these things on my own.